What I Learned This Week, Vol. 1

Today I decided to join the carnival. No, not THAT carnival. (Remember “The Knife Game”? That’s a keeper.)

I decided to join the “What I Learned This Week” Carnival over at Musings of a Housewife. Because, you know, there are ALWAYS lessons to be learned where boogers and burps are concerned.

So here we go.

What I Learned This Week
by pjmomof3boys

*Ahem* (fiddles with notecards and glances nervously at the audience)

One thing I learned this week is that springtime in Iowa is brutal. I guess I didn’t really learn this since I’ve lived in Iowa all my 37 29 years of life, but somehow I manage to forget it. Every year. And so in the middle of May, when I’m sitting at a Little League game wearing three layers with a preschooler on my lap, wrapped in a blanket, teeth chattering, and feet completely numb, I find that it’s completely caught me off guard. “What the—?! Where did this come from?” I mean, the word “spring” brings to mind families skipping through blooming fields of daffodils, not families huddling to keep warm while visions of stringing up the coach who decided on “just one more inning” dance in their heads.

Another thing I learned this week is that the movie Seventeen Again is not, in fact, rated G, no matter what the marquee on the small-town movie theater says. Now maybe if I would’ve even put a smidgen of thought into it, I would’ve figured out that it probably wasn’t going to be a G movie considering that most of the G movies today are animated. But instead I just said, “Sure, okay,” and proceeded to watch the movie with the whole family, ages 4 to 86. First came the discussion on an erectile dysfunction drug. Hmm… I don’t remember anything quite that “racy” in Bambi. But it wasn’t until the teacher started handing out condoms in health class that I realized that this movie probably wasn’t really rated G. (Yeah, I’m quick.) Oh well, so my three children (none of whom are yet 13) went to a PG-13 movie with us. What’s the big deal? I thought. It’s not like anyone is going to think we’re bad parents or anything. The only other people in the entire theater were two mentally challenged men from a group home and their chaperone. And it’s not like my kids are so sheltered either. They’ve seen Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings movies, and they don’t seem to be scarred for life. They probably won’t even catch on to the “inappropriate” parts of the movie, I reasoned. Yeah… As we were walking out of the theater, what was the first thing my 7-year-old said? “They said the a-word, the s-word, and the b-word!” Fabulous.

And one more thing I learned this week is that my husband is a blogger. And not only that, he’s good at it! (Seriously, he can’t let me have this ONE THING, can he?) Just kidding, honey! He started a blog called Pop Planet, where he writes about things related to pop culture. So, go check it out! He’s written a handful of posts so far, and they’re all really entertaining, but he’s feeling a bit sad because the only people reading and commenting are me and his mom. So see what you think, and if you’re so inclined, leave a comment. You will seriously make his day! I just hope that when he’s getting interviewed by Seth Godin and speaking at blogging conferences, he won’t forget US LITTLE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CLAW OUR WAY UP THE BLOGGY LADDER! (Deep breath. Deeeeep breath.)

So what did you learn this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Now head on over to Musings of a Housewife to see what other people learned this week!


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