What I Wouldn’t Do for a Cheap Domain…

I’m pretty sure I just sold my soul to the devil.

And he was wearing a Go Daddy T-shirt.

I’m trying to step it up and become a “real blogger.” I’m studying other blogs. I’m attending Twitter parties.

I even broke down and bought my own domain. Yep, boogersandburps.com is mine. (Who can believe that no one had yet snatched up that catchy URL?) Never mind the fact that I have no clue how to now switch over from my “blogspot” URL to my “.com” one… I figure I’ll just stalk Jody until she tells me how to do it!

So this week I went to the site I recognized the most to purchase said domain: Go Daddy. And at $7.49 for a year, really, how could I pass it up?

But today I opened my email and felt sick to my stomach. (Disturbingly reminiscent to the majority of my teenage days, when I’d wake up in the morning realizing I probably had just done something really stupid the night before.)

Apparently Go Daddy has a radio program, and they sent me a newsletter with the highlights of the latest broadcast. Here’s what it says:

It’s the show that never shies away from controversy! Author & outspoken feminist Jessica Valenti eviscerates abstinence-only education and society’s obsession with chastity, which, she says, is hurting young women. Also on the menu: 22-year-old Natalie Dylan explains what compelled her to sell her virginity to the highest bidder and why the much-publicized Internet auction is a cold, hard business.
Ohhhh! It’s society’s “obsession” with chastity that’s hurting our young women. NOT unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, unrequited emotional bonds, or low self-esteem. So glad that’s been cleared up for me!

And I’m sure 22-year-old Natalie Dylan isn’t going to have ANY issues from having her first sexual experience result from pimping herself out to some random perv off the Internet who flashed the most cash. No, not at all. In fact, I know many women who look back on their younger days and say with regret, “I wish I would’ve done things differently. How I wish I could go back and sleep with more strangers! Those lucky prostitutes!”

(Is the sarcasm dripping off your computer screen yet?)

Call me a prude. Call me a “crazy Christian.” Call me whatever you want. But women like this make me throw up in my mouth a little mad. What is wrong with them? How can anyone justify sexual promiscuity in today’s world? Not only from a moral standpoint, but from an emotional or health standpoint as well?!

Maybe we should just go ahead and arrange sexual encounters for our daughters as soon as they hit puberty so we can save them from the “emotional scars” of abstinence.

I’ve ignored the boob-flashing Super Bowl commercials. I’ve refrained from clicking on the porn-ish videos on the Go Daddy Web site and tried to pretend like they didn’t exist. (Because a girl in the shower has so much to do with domain hosting, don’t ya know.) But now I’m really feeling guilty, like I’m part of the problem. Not that my $7.49 a year is paying for too much in their marketing budget. But still, it’s the principle of the thing…

What do you think? Am I indirectly supporting legalized prostitution? Am I to blame for the moral decay of society? (Am I taking this a bit too far?)


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