What’s Thriftilicious AND Delicious?

If you answered “doughnuts,” you’re right!

Tell them what they win, Johnny!

“Well, you’ll want to make another notch in your belt because you’ve won a FREE KRISPY KREME doughnut! That’s right. We’re talking about that glazed gluttonous goodness that only Krispy Kreme can provide—and you won’t pay a penny!”

Who knew that Friday, June 6, was dubbed National Doughnut Day?! Good thing Krispy Kreme did! So start your day off right by stopping by your local Kripsy Kreme store and demanding the free doughnut that you’re entitled to! (Or just ask politely.)

Other Thriftilicious Notes of Newsworthiness:

  • I got a phone call this week that went like this: “I don’t know HOW you do it.” It was my mom-in-law, and she had just tried her darndest to shop at one of my favorite Goodwill stores. Try as she might, she just couldn’t get past the musty aroma that surrounded her. “I had to get out of there,” she told me. I’ve been there. In the beginning, I couldn’t stand to stay in there too long. But I guess I’ve built up a tolerance for it now. In fact, I hardly notice it anymore. Kind of like changing poopy diapers. Before I had kids, I found changing little kids’ poopy pants rather revolting, and I usually had to do it while choking back my own vomit. Now, poop doesn’t scare me. I swear I could change anyone’s poopy diaper—adult included—and be like, “Yeah, so? You gonna finish that sandwich?” It’s kind of like that with your local thrift store. You gotta hold your breath and work through the nausea a few times. Then you’ll be good to go.
  • Speaking of Goodwill, I did manage to make a visit today in honor of Thriftilicious Thursday. Here’s what I found: 2 pairs of Adidas workout pants and an Adidas jacket (don’t even look worn), a pair of red shoes that I’m really not sure about and are some weird European brand (Rocho) that I can’t even find on the interweb. They kind of look like bowling shoes—you know, so ugly that they’re cool. Or so I’m hoping.

    And when the dry erase board proclaimed “Half-price on all suitcases,” I knew I wouldn’t be leaving there without one. And no, I didn’t purchase one of the nice newer suitcases that were on display. Nope. Picked the oldest one I could find. And 99 cents later, I had an addition to my collection. (Yes, I collect old, ugly suitcases. And no, I’m pretty sure they don’t appreciate in value. I just like to store stuff in them and stack them up as end tables. Drives Husband crazy. I’m sure he’s rolling his eyes as he’s reading this!)

  • Husband called me today and said, “Listen to this stuff I got at the bookstore!” He had visited the bookstore of the community college where he teaches in search of Windows XP and Microsoft Office, available for $10 each to students or faculty members. (How thrifticilious is that?) He then told me they were having this huge 75% off sale and bragged about the telescopic pen and mechanical pencil he had scored for cheap. Then he said the magic words: “You should go there!” Oh, I booked it there after work, and lo and behold, it was even better than Husband had described it. Seriously, about every freaking thing was 75% off or cheaper! I had to start my breathing exercises halfway through the store because I thought I was going to hyperventilate. THAT’S how good of a sale it was! I got the most awesome laptop protector for $6.24! And a Jane Austen tote bag–LOVE IT! I really feel bad that I snubbed the William Shakespeare one. I think I need to go back tomorrow and bring him home too. Then I got a whole slew of journals for NEXT TO NOTHING, including MOLESKIN journals—yes, the ones that Hemingway, et al. used! Husband’s favorite thing I picked up is this bungee cord thing with clips on it for hanging up artwork. “Yes, EVERYONE needs one of those!” he said in his “I’m-not-being-sarcastic” sarcastic voice. Just wait until I hang it up and it looks AWESOME. I’ll show him. Then I picked up a crapload of stuff for 10 flippin’ cents. Yes, that’s ONE DIME. NOTHING costs 10 cents anymore. Not even in a DIME STORE. I’m talking flashlight whistle keychain thingees, clock carbiner thingees, book holder-opener thingees (I’m pretty sure that’s their official title), Post-It flags (I use these all the time for proofreading), divot diggers, pens, pens, permanent markers, and more pens. I totally should have gotten more stuff. It was a FREAKING DIME for crying out loud! I’ll spread out my treasure and take a picture for you. Grand total: $26.17. Here you go:

Well, friends, I hope you had as thriftilicious of a Thursday as I did! I’m going to go roll around in all my bargains now…What? You mean when you get really good deals, you don’t take them home, spread them all out on the bed, and roll around in them? Oh. I don’t either…

6 thoughts on “What’s Thriftilicious AND Delicious?”

  1. I found you via Pay it Forward Friday and I’m glad I did. You’re cracking me up- and it’s always fun to see how the other half lives…said the mother of four girls. 🙂

  2. Wow–FOUR girls! I grew up with two sisters, so I know what it was like with three girls–can’t imagine the drama involved with four! 🙂 You may not be dealing with boogers and burps, but I bet we still have a lot in common! So glad you visited me and commented! Look forward to hearing more from you!


  3. Hey there, I drop off mother loads of wonderful things to Goodwill that I am just too lazy to take to the consignment stores. It is hard for me to edit clothes in my life. I am always afraid I am going to see someone wearing that banana republic down vest that I left one time. I am still holding back on goodwill, but I do love TJmaxx.

    Also our Krispy Kreme closed here last year in Wisconsin. sooooo depressing.

    I am so jealous of your college bookstore finds. Hot damn! I am still at that stage that I would have to tranqulize one of the kids to do a spur of the moment sales run. I don’t have kiddy help. I could strap on the youngest one in a sling, but my middle child would be CRAZY to shop with. He thinks it is fun to hide under sales racks. Not to mention, he likes to run, run, run in public. Fearless. I think I will buy a leash when I come to the Iowa State Fair. Is that bad?

  4. Gina, so glad you found me too! Can’t wait to get caught up on your crazy life!

    susizzle, hey, it’s people like you who keep me fashionable! 🙂 And I’m glad you like my red shoes. I’m taking some flack about it here at home. And I think having a kid on a leash will make you fit RIGHT IN at the Iowa State Fair–but only if you’re wearing a Tweety Bird shirt with fringes and beads on the bottom.

    debbie, thanks so much for commenting! I love hearing from new people!!!

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