While I Was Out…

So I got home yesterday afternoon from Blissdom 09! Loved it. Met so many fabulous women who I will now dutifully stalk on blogs, facebook, and twitter.

You may be wondering (or not, but I’m going to assume that the details of my life are in the forefront of your mind…) what happened at the Boogers and Burp house while I was gone. Well, apparently during the 72 hours or so I was missing, the following incidents occurred:

  • Someone threw two sticky eyeballs on the ceiling of the family room.
  • Boy #2 couldn’t find his shoes—ANY shoes—and so wore his snowboots to school on Friday AND everywhere all weekend. It was 60 degrees.
  • The dog peed on my bed. (Of course he did.)
  • The dog then spent the entire day in the garage, tearing up trash bags.
  • The dog finally went outside on his chain the next day.
  • Boy #1 let the dog run inside covered in mud.
  • The dog was banished back to the garage.
  • Boy #1 also was banished to the garage.
  • (Just kidding about that last one.)

But despite the chaos with the sticky eyeballs, missing shoes, and renegade dog, Husband managed to whip talk the boys into helping him clean the house. Yes—MY boys. CLEANING. I know it wasn’t easy for Husband. But somehow he did it. And I was SO happy to come home to vacuumed floors, clean counters, and de-cluttered stairs that I won’t break an ankle on.

Now the question remains—how long will it last? Husband is doing a good job at assuming the role of Commander of the Mess Patrol so far…“WHO left this Little Debbie wrapper on the kitchen table?!? I need names—NOW!” But in matters of stamina, I usually am quick to nose-dive. Let’s hope that Husband can outlast the triple-powered energy of the Boyz (with a capital “B”).

Anyone care to make it interesting? Shall we, say, make a wager about who’s going to crack first? Winner gets a Little Debbie snack cake?

6 thoughts on “While I Was Out…”

  1. I always put the favor in the kids! They seem to last longer. lol

    So wonderful of hubby to tackle the house. Not many would!

  2. Good for you Husband. And thank you for setting such a good example for the Boyz.
    the grandma

    Once while I was gone for an evening girl #3 carved on our kitchen cabinets and broke the ceramic toilet bowl..with the ceramic lid to the toilet tank. 🙂

  3. I haven’t met a man yet who can’t find a way to decompensate when his wife leaves him alone with the kids.

    They think they’re validating us.

    Wouldn’t want us to think we’re not needed or anything.

  4. If I hadn’t walked into our den this afternoon to find tortilla chips broken and scattered all over the floor, I would have put my money on your husband, but these kids, man…they find new and interesting ways to make messes. Their ideas are infinite!

  5. What wouldn’t I do for a little Debbie snack cake… or for my husband to just remember to feed the kids when I’m away! 😉

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