Why I Love My Husband…

He’s not the mushy type; he doesn’t write me love notes or sing me 80s love ballads on my voicemail (Which, frankly, might frighten me–no offense, honey!).

But he knows how to make me smile when I’m having a moody Monday morning.

And he reads my blog.

Case in point: Here is an email that he sent me this morning. Keep in mind that he is not one to just shoot me an email 10 times a day. The fact that he took the time to email me alone is worth a brownie point for him. Here’s what he wrote:

I started to read this headline and I thought of you…

State sees record number of gypsy moths

(If you don’t understand why he thought of me, read this and this and this.)

I love you too, sweets.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love My Husband…”

  1. hehehe That is funny.

    My hubby is the same way. I am impressed when he leaves me a note, always major points for him.

  2. Doug emails me ideas all the time. Unfortunately I rarely have time to get to them!

    PS I got accepted for a HouseParty! I sent you an invite…

  3. That is so funny. Maybe you should apply to work for the state. You could be the gypsy (moth) spotter.

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