Why I Work Part-Time…

Well, here I am home yet AGAIN with a sick kid. It’s Boy #1 again. Fever of 101, a bit of a sore throat, and a rash on his chest. I know I should probably take him to the doctor, but he’s really not acting THAT sick, so I will probably just wait and see. I hate to drive 20 minutes away and pay $10 (I know–I’m not complaining about our co-pay. It’s pretty cheap!) just to have them tell me that it’s a virus and will just have to run its course. You know, because it’s all about MY convenience!

I swear my kids are sick ALL THE TIME. And I even nursed them for at least 9 months each! I read that kids who are breastfed have healthier immune systems overall. If this is true, my kids would probably have to live in a bubble if I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed!

Why is it that my kid can have a fever of 101 and STILL have the appetite of a voracious pre-teen? Maybe because he IS a voracious pre-teen? Seriously, I just gave him two bowls of Kix (without milk) and then just got “summoned” downstairs to get him something else to eat. THEN he asked me if we could go to the store and get crackers and Gatorade! Seriously, why can’t he just SLEEP when he’s sick?!?

And my kids are NEVER sick on the weekends. Why is that? Boy #1 was FINE last night. He even baby-sat for the first time for my nephew. (I’m sure my sister-in-law and brother-in-law will be thrilled to hear that Nephew was likely exposed to some virus last night. Hey, spread the love, right?) And then this morning—bam! Fever. Aches. Rash.

And I think about going back to work full-time, and I laugh and laugh…


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