Why Is It Wrong to Believe in Right and Wrong?

I have to tell you, I’ve been really discouraged lately. Discouraged about our society. About the moral decline of this nation, built on the foundation of Godly principles but now trying to rebuild that foundation with a whole lot of crap that may hold up for a short time, but will surely come crumbling down once the nation wakes up and realizes what’s been happening. (At least, I hope!)

Nothing is “right.” Nothing is “wrong.” Perpetrators are “victims.” Victims “deserved it.”

Frankly, I’m fed up.

Every day I check the latest news and am bombarded by assaults on our children and by our children. Stories that stick in my brain and refuse to be brushed aside. I’m sorry, but after reading about an evangelist being arrested on child porn charges (not just possessing but creating it with six girls, ages 10 to 17, who lived in his home) or a couple leaving their 2-year-old in a hotel room by himself while they commit burglary, I just find it hard to give a flying you-know-what that Clay Aiken’s fans are standing behind him after he came out of the closet. (And no, I’m not even including a link.)

Right now I’m reading a very interesting book by Tammy Bruce called The Death of Right and Wrong. Although Tammy is a Conservative, she is also a lesbian, which lends a fascinating perspective to her writing. I highly recommend it (Thanks, Jody, for recommending it to me!), even if you consider yourself liberal. She exposes some frightening things that are going on “behind the scenes” with those to the far-Left, including “modern feminists” (those who are anti-male and basically only want equality for women who think EXACTLY as they do), the organizations providing “sex education” in schools to many of our children (not “sex education” but “sexuality education”), and evil and dangerous women such as Judith Levine, who hide behind a mask of academia and scholarship to promote their morally corrupt ideas, such as that it is “good” for children to have sex. Children! And child/adult sex (Not to be confused with “pedophilia”, she claims! WHAT?!?!? ), which has been a taboo in our culture, is an acceptable and traditional custom in many other cultures. Honestly, I was literally nauseous when I was reading about her best-selling (and award-winning) book, which I will not name because I do not want to promote it in any way.

Where have we gone wrong? Why is moral relativism, or the belief that everything is “relative” and nothing can be considered “right” or “wrong” because it depends on the individual’s perspective, suddenly the value (or anti-value) we live by?

Because it’s easy.
Because we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions.
Because it gives us an excuse for each time we choose to do whatever “feels good” at the moment.
Because it’s pushed by those who wish to feel “normal” by making others do the same morally corrupt things THEY are doing.
Because Christianity has become the scapegoat.
Because self-esteem is more important than self-respect.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my boys growing up believing this load of elephant dung. I want better for my kids.

Some things are “right.”
Serving the poor is right.
Telling the truth is right.
Protecting children from harm is right.
Putting others before yourself is right.

And, yes, some things are “wrong.”
Stealing is wrong.
Lying is wrong.
Living a self-centered life is wrong.
Peddling sex to children is very much wrong.

How can any sane person doubt that? But many do, sadly, whether they admit it or talk their way around it.

So the question then becomes—what do we do about it?

How can we save our country, our culture—and our children?

7 thoughts on “Why Is It Wrong to Believe in Right and Wrong?”

  1. I have these conversations a lot. I watched Oprah last week, I think it was, and she was talking about the rage of pedophiles and how they have a pamphlet teaching people how to do it. And she said they even think it’s OK to have sex with children. What!?? To them, there is nothing wrong with it.

    God forbid if anything like that were to happen to either of my girls. I don’t even like to think about it.

    But I agree, about how the world is just to accepting. Although, I guess I’m not one to talk, since I’m not married to the man that I am living with. I’m certainly not judging anyone, but there are just some things that it seems like our society are to willing to accept.

  2. None of us are living “perfectly right” lives by any means! We all have different standards we live by and different priorities, but it just seems like a larger segment of our nation is redefining their whacked-out standards to be considered “normal.” I definitely have not lived a life that has always followed conservative standards–and I continue to fall short and make mistakes daily! But there seems to be a definite line which many seem to be crossing…

    Thanks for commenting, amy! I know this was a Debbie Downer post–it’s just been on my mind a lot lately and it helped me to get it out in words. I’m not sure it helped my readers to hear my rant, though! 🙂

  3. Interesting post.

    Here’s my take…as a liberal I am inclined to say- if it doesn’t harm somebody it shouldn’t be judged, but then that doesn’t cover issues such as basic manners like respect your elders, yada, yada.

    I loved your line:

    Self esteem is more imortant than self respect.

    That sublte difference is breeding this chasm… as of what to do about it? I guess vote, be involved, live by example, and start at home?

  4. I knew you’d enjoy that book- terrifying as it is.

    The feds have been after Alamo for a long time and he’s always managed to wriggle free. Hopefully he won’t this time.

    Unfortunately our society teaches an “if it feels good do it” mentality. That is why parents must be involved and have a moral compass.

  5. As Gina said, that is why we should pay attention to the candidates and the platforms and programs of each party.
    Everyone should read up, participate and then vote…not only nationally, but locally as well. I also believe in service. My hope is to leave a better world for my lovely grandchildren….and everyone else’s, too. 🙂

  6. I have had many of these same thoughts myself. The parents that allow their children to raise havoc, and then defend them “they are only children”. Those children learn from the parents, and soon will be adults themselves. A very scary thought.

    After last night debates, I spent a lot of time online reading, just reading everything I could about all 4 of the canidates, and I still don’t know which way I will go. But, protecting my rights and those of my family will be in the front of my mind on voting day.

  7. I worry about the direction this country is going in all the time.

    People don’t seem to have or teach their children the basic building blocks of good citizenship…like good manners or a sense of personal responsibility.

    Scary, scary times. Maybe if enough of us take the time to instill these values in our children, they will have the ability to change this world for the better.

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