Why it can be a great idea to introduce a dog into a family

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Kids are messy enough as it is so having a new member of the family who leaves hair everywhere, muddy footprints, and occasionally has an accident on the floor, and makes strange noises in the middle of the night may not sound great. However, the benefits of having a dog introduced into the family outweigh any small negatives that may accompany their arrival. 

Teaching Responsibility 

One of the amazing advantages for your children no matter what age they are is that it gives them lessons in responsibility. They can help you take the dog for a walk and depending on how old they are let them hold the lead themselves. Just be careful if the dog pulls, you don’t want them being pulled over. Another job you could delegate to the children is giving the dog their dinner or trying to teach simple commands like Paw or Sit. It will help the children bond with the dog and start learning how to look after something other than their toys. It will become second nature after a while.

Learning To Be Kind

Having a pet also teaches children how to be kind by caring and looking after a pet it instills compassion into them. Learning how to look after an animal and meet their basic needs can help children learn to be more kind. Also, animals in a loving family are naturally, loving and kind so it is something they can learn from the animal as well.

It Can Set A Routine

When looking after a dog it can implement more of a routine into your lives. The dog will need set walks so it could be that you all get up early and go for a walk or you do it after dinner. Having a routine can make things a lot easier and kids tend to prefer routines and knowing what is happening as well.

Breathe In The Fresh Air

One of the perks of having a dog is taking it on walks all the time, depending on what type of dog you get they need different levels of exercise. You will find yourself outdoors more and exploring nature while taking your dog on a nice walk. Being outdoors really clears the mind so it is great to improve your mental health and having a dog with you also gives you a feeling of safety as you know they will protect you. By being outdoors more you end up with better health from constant exercise as on days you may not want to go out, your dog will certainly persuade you otherwise. 

You Will Feel Happier And Calmer

Dogs are known to be a great tool for anxiety and even though some people don’t realize it kids also experience anxiety and being so young aren’t always sure how to express or deal with it. Having a dog in the house can offer stability and comfort to a child (or even an adult) or is suffering from anxiety and helps you feel calmer. A cuddle with a dog can also release oxytocin which is a hormone that can help soothe the anxiety system. That is why you see service animals and things like that they are a great tool for people with mental health issues. 

Security Addition To Your Home

Dogs are very much like a nighttime alarm, if they hear something strange at night they will alert you straight away. Alas some times it may not be anything and they have woken you up for nothing but they are a great way to scare off potential burglars and keep the house safe. They can have extra training to pick up on certain things but it is almost like a protective instinct for them to protect their family. 

You Will Have Added A Life-Long Friend Into Your Home 

To dogs, you are their whole world. They love and adore you and everything you give to them. They create such deep bonds with their owners there is a reason they are called man’s best friend. You will always have someone to come home to, someone to cuddle and look after. They will never fight, fall out with you or disappear which is why they are also great friends for your child to grow up with. 

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They Are So Much Fun

Dogs bring so much joy and happiness to your lives but some dogs like Labradors tend to be a bit of a goofball, they will give you endless situations where you are just full of laughter. They will play with you and are a great addition to some trends that go around the internet just like the one where you disappear behind a towel.

Why Labrador Retrievers Are A Great Choice

Labrador dogs are highly intelligent and a fantastic choice for a family pet. They have a very relaxed and chilled temperament which makes them perfect to be around small children and other pets. They also love being part of a pack and family so will take pride of place in joining your family. Labradors are also very people-oriented pets with a very affectionate side so they will happily sit and cuddle with you and the family. 

They also do have a lot of energy which is great for kids as they will run around and play with them for hours, so if you need to grab a coffee and put your feet up, your pup and kids will keep each other occupied very happily. 

They are very easy to take care of in the sense that they don’t need to go to the groomers regularly, with a quick bath and brush after a muddy walk they don’t have expensive grooming requirements. You can apply here to take the leap and introduce them to your family.

They are also one of the friendliest and lovable animals out there and it is very widely known so they are a great addition to any family and will give you years of love, affection, and great memories. 


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