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And I thought I was a busy mom. That is, until I was given the opportunity to preview the newly released book National Security Mom. Let’s see…I work part-time, write a blog, and have three children. Gina Bennett, the author of the book, works full-time and has 5 children. Oh, and did I mention that as a Senior Counterterrorism Analyst, she wrote the 1993 report that warned the government of the threat that Osama bin Laden would present to our country? Yeah, um, I was Team Mom for Boy #2’s Tee-Ball team this year…Kind of pales in comparison.

I found National Security Mom quite interesting. Take a look at this quick clip to understand the premise of the book.

When I started reading it, my first thought was, “OF COURSE a mom was the first one to publicly name Osama bin Laden as a threat!” As she very eloquently points out in the book, keeping your family healthy and safe is not that unlike keeping the country healthy and safe. “Observing that running a household requires balance, objectivity, and the ability to remain focused on the long-term, Bennett demonstrates the importance of these qualities in securing America.” (quote from the back cover) The book is divided into three parts: 1) a description of how the rules parents try to live by also applies to making our nation strong and secure; 2) a discussion of how the lessons we teach our children also apply to our nation, including looking to the future to when our children will be America’s leaders; and 3) encouragement for parents to become engaged in national security and foreign policy issues by highlighting the similarities between parenting and governing a nation.

This is a book every mom should read to not only learn the inside scoop about counterterrorism in our country, but also to be able to demystify the topics of national security and foreign relations. Bennett was able to do this by drawing a strikingly true comparison between something we can all relate to and something most of us feel somewhat detached from.

I’m excited to be able to GIVE AWAY a copy of National Security Mom to one lucky winner. And as an added bonus, you will also receive this National Security Mom hoodie, which is just so darn cute! Now, I also have something for everyone: access to National Security Kid Center, where you can download children’s pages or a printable poster, find links to online activities, and enter for a chance to win MORE prizes! Just go HERE!

To enter to win the book and hoodie, visit and then come back here and leave a comment telling me why you’d like to read this book.

I will randomly select a winner Friday, January 30 at 10 p.m. and will let you know by email if you have won. (So please leave me an email address in your comment or profile) Note: I will be shipping you the book, and the publisher will be shipping you the hoodie. For this contest, I will only ship to the U.S. But international friends, my other giveaway is open to you!

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7 thoughts on “Win National Security Mom Book and Hoodie”

  1. Wow! First comment?? Well, why not?? 🙂 This book looks very interesting, and I love the idea of a book on a serious topic written to the mom audience. Thanks for the chance to win!`

  2. I have a friend who’s an analyst for Homeland Security. She can’t talk to me about what she does, so I think this book would give me some great insight into what she does, and maybe even help me understand her a little better. I would love to read it.

  3. This book looks really interesting. I am always seeking new ways to be a better mom, and this is two-fold, being a better (and more informed) American too. Looking forward to reading this book!

  4. Count me in friend! I’d love to read this woman’s perspective on balancing work and family.

  5. I love that it wants to go back to the roots of childhood. Clean up after yourself. If only we had done this so many times.


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