6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. How cute!!! Are those Wall-E cupcakes? My boys loved that movie for some reason. I didn’t really care for it, my favorite is still Nemo!!!!

  2. Yeah, that’s exactly how I look when I face the candles on my cake…only my eyes are a little bigger (bugged out to be more precise)…and my face is no-way-Jose as cute as #3’s.
    What a darling picture.
    (When I would try to tell him Happy Birthday on his actual birth date, he would tell me, “No. Not until there are candles and the birthday song!!” Well, now he’s Officially 4!!!
    Happy Birthday, Big Boy.

    PS Your youngest sister just informed me that everyone has to fill in the word verification box…(What a relief!!) I guess I believed that somehow I had been singled out…that the computer had sensed fear on my part…and was secretly ridiculing me to other systems out there in the EWorld.
    (Anyone know a good therapist?)

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