We’ve got gypsy! I repeat: We’ve got gypsy!

Okay, peeps, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while (you lucky bastards), you know about my obsession with a local gypsy (yes, I said “gypsy”) who keeps popping up in these here parts. 

Well, I’ve got big news, people. 

Apparently, she’s back!

Well, we’re not sure yet whether it’s the same gypsy or a new gypsy, but my sister and her family were fortunate enough to see her walking along a busy highway near our house yesterday, barefoot and strumming her guitar. And this morning? You guessed it. She was making the rounds of OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

When I arrived at my parking lot this morning, I saw I’d missed a call from my sis, and when I listened to my voicemail, my heart skipped a beat. This is what I heard:

“We have another gypsy sighting. The gypsy is now hanging out at the end of your driveway.”

Seriously?! So I called my brother-in-law, who is home today, and he said that she’d moved on from my driveway and was strolling through the neighborhood.

If you don’t already know, we live in the ‘burbs—of IOWA, not exactly gypsy territory. In fact, we rarely have anyone who’s not running, walking a dog, or biking with the kids. No homeless people. No door-to-door salesmen. And definitely no gypsies.

So I am just DYING to know who this woman is (if she is, indeed, the same gypsy. I ordered my sister to get a picture of her so I could compare it to my other photos.), why she strolls through suburban neighborhoods like a traveling minstrel, and where the heck she disappears to the rest of the year!


If you don’t know the story of the mysterious gypsy, read this story and this story and this story.

And then I’ll post an update as soon as I know more…



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